Thursday, 9 February 2017

Above is the first drawing I completed in the previous evenings session and I do think it stands right out rather imposing itself on the eye but I like that. I certainly can by more subtle.

In the same session I then did this one above, I really like the way the submerged picture makes it's presence felt without you actually being able to work out what it is.

Above is another drawing I did yesterday but a bit of a contrast to the other two.

Above is another drawing but I didn't get to finish and gives you more of an idea of of what can be underneath before I have fully done the obliterarty. It will be the first I work on tonight.

Today Zoe and me have been out and about getting ready for our next run of workshops at Barnoon and we also had a meeting of quite a few of us at Barnoon that are taking part in the not photo-booth that we are doing over the weekend there. It was a quite a relaxed but busy 2 hours of drawing chatting arrranging furniture etc etc .....

Whilst we were doing all that Jordan Jackson lent us some lenses that you can attach to a mobile so I had to use the fish-eye to show of the Curtain we put up to make it more homely for the weekend.

Also before running off to a guitar lesson I had time to do an Obliterarty of  Edwin Collins.

Above and below are a couple of smaller drawings that I did probably a month ago and were some of the newest drawings that ended up in the photo session  that just keeps giving, thanks Jordan.

Well I am off to draw and think about my Abstract Drawing workshop tomorrow morning and one I really enjoy. Cheers!

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