Monday, 6 February 2017

Starting the week. Drop In and Draw and Abstract Drawing.

As we start the week I am showing you three drawings I did last evening as I have started on a new obliterarty book. Volume Two.

The front cover of the book is above and is a fairly straightforward grid drawing using two different Windsor & Newton promarkers.

Above is the second drawing done on the inside cover of this second altered book. The images in the book are starting to push me into slightly new forms of my work. So I have obliterated a circular picture of a horse, still just about visible and I do like that fact. Maybe in future I will do a new work based on this but of course it will be quite different in some ways like colour and probably more.

This third drawing I did last night is a finer type of grid drawing than I normally do but I like that and it does make the text nearly invisible unless you really look.

This book that I have started obliterating was a book donated to us by St Ives artists Archa and Sans Robinson. Sans had used some bits of the book in his work and this book is The Darkling Thrush poems by Thomas Hardy and illustrated by Gordon Beningfield. Over the years I have come across quite a few of his books on Butterflies and Plants. I even had a signed copy of one of his books that one of my students gave me many years ago as a thank you but I do not have any real attachment to the illustrations in this book so I will play away with it.

Today nearly started like any other Monday morning except my wife woke with a very bad back so I got to take the Drop In and Draw session at Barnoon Workshop. I normally do the abstract drawing class but after attending and drawing real things for two years I am starting to be comfortable with taking the odd class which was what I had to do today. I ended up with 5 students this morning and I think we had a good session that was fun and informative and personally I love starting the week with drawing. It sets me up with creativity boost at the beginning of the week.

The rest of the day has been taken up with life stuff but I will be drawing after I finish this blog whilst watching The Art Of France on the BBC by Andrew Graham Dixon who I greatly respect. I know I consider myself as  an artist that does contemporary abstract drawing but I can't get enough of most art, whether I really like it or just respect it. It is good to be informed and educated.

So below are three drawing that I have done in the last month or so that yet again were photographed by Jordan Jackson. These are some of my more minimal works and I hope you like them, I hope everyone likes them but I do know that this is not the case.

Well I am off to draw and watch Andrew Graham Dixon, Cheers all.

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