Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Half Term Wednesday and recent drawings.

Above is another new drawing as I tend to post most days in this fashion. So it is another one in the new altered sketchbook work that I am adding to daily. I am hoping that anybody that engages with the book will see some of my thinking behind each page and hopefully get the flow that I think I am putting into it. I am hoping to sell this work when it is finished but I am happy to sell individual art works or whole sketchbooks, I could certainly do with a few more sales. Well that said it is not the only reason I do this but it is nice when it happens and the connection is made with someone else who gets what I do.

Above is an insight into some of the smaller drawings that are in this book. As I might have said before this is a pre-owned and pre-used book and some of the pages have been cut out for other artistic purposes, I draw on what remains.

Above are my last two final drawings from yesterday the full page and opposite left the dots on a reduced page. I will be on this book in a bit making the next drawing.

Above is a drawing that I had thought I'd finished and not in the book, it is a bit of a random drawing for me and I am liking it.

Above is a small art drop that I did in St Ives somewhere........

Random picture, whilst having some down time the light caught in my coffee cup so here it is.

After an early lunch walked back to Barnoon Workshop via Porthmeor Beach.

This afternoon was a busy one Erin Lacy ran a block printing workshop for 13 whilst Zoe and myself ran an Alfred Wallis painting workshop for Tate members. Before the painting started we went up to have a sketch and a look at Alfred's grave designed by Ben Nicholson and realised on Bernard Leach's tiles. Beautifully done.

I am off to draw, Cheers All!

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