Thursday, 16 February 2017

Thursday, unfinished and finished drawings.


Above and below are the drawings I started last night but haven't yet finished yet so must get on with that later.

Today has been another busy workshop day with soap making this morning and candle making, my wife Zoe headed these workshops and in the afternoon I was wax tender.

After the day had finished we went for a little walk down to the harbour and a good stare out across the bay as the sun began to set, beautiful.

We have got to get into the planning stages for the rest of this years workshops as soon as half term is over, lots of work and invention. We need to make the most out of this year to get some money in and I am also looking for a day or two a weeks work to help with finances in these quieter times.

I have been approached by Artspreads to be in this years booklet, I will get on with my possible entry tomorrow when my head is clearer and I am hopefully less tired but it needs to be done and hopefully it will lead on to more publicity and spread the word to more people and I am not shy about saying that I want more exposure. I also have to get work ready for the next St Ives Society Of Artists open show at the end of April. In the last two exhibitions I have sold ok and would love the opportunity to be in the next show too. This one is being curated by Anthony Frost an artist I really respect and have followed his work since some of his worked on The Fall's Extricate album and I think the accompanying singles. When I first used to come to Cornwall on my own I used to go to whatever gigs were on at Demelza's in Penzance which was sometimes called The Winter Gardens and Anthony Frost was often in the audience. Well fingers crossed I get into the the exhibition.

This one above and the two below are drawings done in the last year and on a quick poll of looking at my pics I picked these three quickly as ones I really like. I hope you do too.

I am off to draw now and then get some rest and get ready for tomorrow.


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