Wednesday, 1 February 2017

New ideas and ideas, abstract drawing.

Another weird day in this mad world and it seems impossible to not look, so on with my art and belief in people.

Last night I managed to do this one above and start another so my new altered obliterarty sketchbook is nearly finished once that is done, well I say that but I will have to give The Wotnot look to see if anything needs a little touch up. Essentially there I think.

Since then I have been thinking of Zoe's post modern photo booth idea so I have managed a couple of obliterarty of people and am very happy about them too, above is Tim from the Charlatans and below is my version of a Man Ray photograph and a stunning image it was.

Above and below are three recent works that I may have shown in a previous blog but these are much better photos taken by Jordan Jackson, I still must be holding back 25 or so for future blogs from this session. These yellow works are all postcard sized. As you may know I do like making quite small drawings, I don't have to be too precious about them and can just let the ideas flow. I must admit I feel like that with my larger works but the process is normally more sorted before I start, these are slightly more lose thoughts and just riffing and playing.

So I have taught a couple of guitar lessons today and now I have written this blog I will draw and relax.
Peace to all.

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