Friday, 17 February 2017

A host of new drawings, a few macro shot and Friday.

Well it is now Friday evening and I can tell you this week has been a busy on with arts and crafts Workshops over the last 8 days but I still managed to fit in some drawing in fact managed to do quite a few in last nights session.

Above is the first drawing I completed it had already got quite a few dots on it but I had to finish off the initial lines of dots then dot in the gaps.

Above is the second drawing completed it also had been started but just had the vertical lines but it needed the grids.

Now this drawing above was started and finished and it was interesting to go with the flow of the already printed page with two types of grid.

Before getting to the next full size page there was a little matter of the intermediary page so above and below are the results. I do feel that this book is allowing me to free up quite a bit and getting a nice lose feel.

I then went on to explore some more grid patterns in this loser style. Still trying to keep some order whilst being less of a slave to it, must be my punk roots.

Above still riffing the grids but ordering the colour vertically  and brightly.

One final grid from last nights work with a more complicated grid pattern but keeping it lose. On reflection looking back at this batch of work from the last 24 hours I am very pleased with it.

Last weekend my friend, 'The Artist's Friend' Jordan Jackson lent me some lenses that I could attach to my phones camera so today I tried out the macro lens and with my altered but unfinished sketchbook at hand dived in and took these. I hope it gives an insight what is going on. Above are fine liner lines.

Above sharpie marks, however looking at it, it makes me want to get a massive giant sharpie or felt tip and do a massive drawing.

Above are some dots and lines with some of the original image poking through incoherently.

Above and below are the last two from this little lens experiment today, I like the way as you look deeper in there seems to be more going on. Very pleasing to me and below look like an abstract oil painting.

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