Tuesday, 28 February 2017

The drawing continues and art drop found.

Tuesday: Drawing continues as the world seemingly falls apart.

I have been working on the back cover of my book now for two drawing sessions and I will try and finish it tonight, fingers crossed.

Yesterday my wife got a book out of the library on 'Ballpoint Art' and so I thought I would do a few small biro experiments. This one above and the two below. I seem to be riffing on familiar themes but hey that is me.

Today has not been a great day for me in several ways but hey let us not dwell on that however as I didn't get anyone on my art tour today I did some more work on this piece above, only 14 more grids to fill with more dots. These tasks often take up quite a lot of time, they start off as a small germ of an idea but I don't over consider how long it will take me and just accept it and get on with it, so hopefully this piece will be finished by the end of the week.

Above is photo evidence that one of my small art drops was found today, a cheery moment always.

Today I also found an exhibition to go for but must have my entries in by Friday, The Plymouth Contemporary, there are many competitions/exhibitions that at this time of year I cannot afford to actually enter as this is the quiet season so not so much cash flow but this one is actually free, so it has to be done. This is one reason I have to up my profile for what I do and get more out there in the art world. Last year I was thinking that it was starting to happen as I had gallery representation but sadly that gallery has now had to close so the hard work has begun again to get my drawings out into the world.

If anyone for the moment wants to buy from me feel free to contact me here.

So I am off to draw.

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