Saturday, 18 February 2017

Saturday stuff and my contemprary abstract drawing.

Well I am here again to show what I did in yesterday evenings drawing session, this is what I do when I get the chance. So it is built into my daily routine whilst relaxing in the evening but being productive although I happy to sort of watch TV whilst drawing, so I think I use my tele time productively. Above is the first drawing I did last night and is another small step in widening my drawing language. I have never really drawn circles around my dots before and I like it so it will absorb into future drawings I dare say.

So having enjoyed drawing circles so much in the previous work I thought it was time to use that riff and change it a bit so above is what happened.

Today has been a bit of a change, we spent some time updating our website for Barnoon Workshop and coming up with new ideas for courses. Then we nipped out to go to the shops but had a little beachcomb and to a pic on Lambeth Beach with plenty of balanced stones on it. Not Andy Goldsworthy but nice to see.

Above is the inside cover to my last but one whole sketchbook work 'Really it is about the permutations' If I could find somewhere to display it it would be up for sale.

Above is another permutation from the previously mentioned work.

And above another permutation, I think these three show some diversity and fit with the way I am exploring this world of pattern I have worked for over the last years ploughing the furrows of my field.

I am now as ever off to draw a bit more.

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