Monday, 27 February 2017

Starting the week.


Above is the first drawing I did last evening and I am very happy with it. It just feels bold and joyful. I was talking on my blog yesterday about how sometimes my work echoes things that I have seen and to a certain extent I think this does but who it is 'after' I know not at this moment. It is one of the last, very very last drawings in my nearly finished altered sketchbook work Obliterarty Volume Two.

Above is the last obliterarty page in the book, quite straightforward and simple but effective.

I have now started to attend to the back cover and have already started continuing with this and hopefully I have kept the pens in the same order as I had them when I did this last night.

Monday is always a day I really look forward to as it is Barnoon Workshop's drawing group, anyone is welcome and today I spent a lot of the time as o model for folk to draw although in the second half we took turns too and I managed to get a couple of drawings in.

In the afternoon I was also a model for Zoe's water colour workshop at Barnoon. Which was also fun. So a reasonably busy day at the workshop today which is good for the time of year. After we went to the library and shopping.

I am now off to carry on sorting out the back cover of my book and contemplate last night's David Hockney documentary which I thought was fabulous but then again I am quite a fan on the quiet, some remarkable work and insights.


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