Sunday, 12 February 2017

Another day for an artist to explore.

In the last 24 hours I have continued work on my altered sketchbook work that was started just over a week ago and I am now over 20 drawings in and getting a real feel for what I want it to be. That is more a feeling than a vision but the idea is to carry on with fast or fast-ish ideas to keep the flow going so above is the first one I did in last nights session.

Above is the second from the same session and thought I would be minimal and lose with it, also as it is over a printing of a drawing adds another dimension for me and a light aire of mystery.

Above is the final one from Saturday's session, this time over text and just another spin and permutation of what I do, each little pushing of moving things on even by a small amount adds more to my drawing memory and helps towards the continuous enthusiasm I have for pattern and how I  explore it.

Today was another day spent at the workshop with our portrait studio idea,  we had a nice time and Zoe did some lovely work and interest continues in the idea of having a portrait done for £15 in 15 minutes. So while I didn't get any takers I continued working on some drawings. Above is the first one I did this afternoon at Barnoon Workshop.

Here is another from this afternoon that is another lovely experiment. I might well have said before but I really value my experiments and  consider them or nearly all of them as valid works and that they fit into the cannon of my larger and more singular drawing. I do like making a whole book as a work too.

Whilst at the 'Your Face My Art Event' Zoe captured me in the act of drawing. I really love this.

As for thinking into my drawings and what I do and what I find as a consequence of what I do and how I do it is that I find things I didn't think about doing they just happen. So above is the reverse side of a drawing I started on Friday as part of the Abstract Drawing workshop I taught. I have started working into it on the side I drew on but then today I turned it over and this 'bleeding narrative' version popped out at me and I absolutely love it.

Above is the side I worked from and am now adding small black uni-pin pen dots in each block of colour, two down, 78 to to go at the point of this capture but I did eventually do some more so now I only have 62 to do. You see I start these ideas as just concept's so it is easy for me to think them up but then when I have started actually apply a small pen to paper to cover all those boxes I have a slight nag in the back of my head saying 'This is going to take quite a while.' Why? Because I really like and love the way they turn out when they are finished, also I get quite an echo of what people say when they encounter some of my more long labour works. 'Did you do all those dots one at a time' and the answer has to be yes. Although I am not sure that is actually suffering for you art but I do put a lot of work in, but then again you have to in this field or any field if you are to be true to yourself in what you do. Whoops a bit philosophical there but.....

I am off to draw now and relax and explore. Cheers!

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