Saturday, 4 February 2017

New drawings and some recent ones.

Yesterday we were out early with Shanty Baba at the Pilchard Press and I left a little art drop there as you can see above.

In last evening's drawing session I found a piece of mount board that  I hadn't drawn on yet so made a good start but I feel I have a lot more to do, so watch out for the finished version in a future blog.

Today we went out down town for a walk and found the town quite busy for this first weekend in February, we bumped into a few folk as we were on the way to the Crypt to meet Marie Keeling who had a few old books that we could use. We duly picked them up and headed home as the weather started to come in again and we just missed quite a down pour. We also picked up a magazine with some people in so I could carry on with some more obliterarty practice so I can be ready for Your Face My Art next weekend at Barnoon Workshop where we are doing a take on a photo booth but with a twist so each person will get a very individual piece of art. My contribution is getting people to bring in a picture of themselves that I will doctor in my own stylee, Obliterarty.

Above is my first experiment today where I did Georgio Aramani. The aim is to do them in around 15 mins and when I do mine I will be happy to talk about my art while I do it so if you are coming for an obliterarty bring some questions if you will.

So far I seem to have done men so of into the pages of an old copy of Marie Claire to apply the technique. Above is my first of these, again done in about 15 mins. I then got distracted by another of the books we had picked up which was Michael Woods Doomsday history of England. On the back cover was this pic of him and so I did it.

Above is another in the series from the photo session from Jordan Jackson from 3 weekends ago. I am happy to be sharing these because they are better images than I can take on my phone.

Above is another, this one took me over six hours to do and was done in two sessions.

Above is a smaller one than the last but with rather a lot of dots on it. For me it is about making a new pattern with new permutations to fully explore what I am doing and also to give me more ideas for bigger works. If I had more time or read that as enough sales to survive on I would work on a lot more larger scale drawings. I hope one day that will be the case as I continue to try and get my work out there.

So now I have completed my daily blog I am off to relax and draw as is customary in my routine.


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