Saturday, 11 February 2017

New drawings as usual and a fun day at the workshop.

Above is the main drawing I did last evening, it took nearly 3 hours and I am loving it, I like its straightforward complexity.

Above and below are two drawings I did today in down time whilst we were holding our 'Your Face, My Art' alternative portrait studio event at Barnoon Workshop. They fit in very well with the rest of the book as it continues to grow. As you can see in the pic below there are some of the pages that haven't been completely removed that just have to be drawn on too and it is a nice little quirk that they are there and so should become part of the work.

Above and below are two of the works I did at Barnoon today, Mother and daughter Melissa and Gaia both did drawings of each other for me to do my dot  thing on. It was the first time I had done an obliterarty on someone else's drawings and it was fun and they were really pleased with them too.

 I also did one on Jordan Jackson's lifted emulsion polaroid pieces a photo that I took the other day but unfortunately I don't have a pic of it.

At the event today Zoe did some lovely ink and wash portraits, above Rob Donovan ( fellow St Ives blogger ) and below photographer Jordan Jackson.

Above Wotnot and Jackson posing.

After finishing Barnoon and having fun with our fellow artists and the folk that popped in to Your Face My Art to take part we came back with ideas for tomorrow's second day of the event and what will happen when we do it again over Easter. Well my day has been ok but my head is now full of what I might draw tonight.

So I am off. Cheers

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