Friday, 10 February 2017

New obiliterarty and other stuff.

As is customary in my blogs here is some of the work I have done in the last 24 hours.So above is a drawing finished that I didn't finish the evening before.

Above is the first drawing that I started and finished it does seem that my second 'obliterarty' altered sketchbook is coming on quite well and moderately quickly and it is very satisfying. I am becoming more pleased with each finished work and seems to flow pretty well so far.

Above is the third work finished last evening.

Today started with me holding an abstract drawing class up at Barnoon Workshop, I had four people all eager to explore their abstract sides. Two and a half hours flew passed and they did some lovely work. On the final part of the the session I gave them just under an hour to draw a larger drawing and below is the drawing that I got started on, I have more to do on it but am happy the way it has started and wondering what I shall add to it when I get to carry on with it. What a fun morning class that was.

After the workshop Zoe and I got on getting the workshop ready for our fundraising event over the weekend so we have created a portrait studio experience where a group of us will be working tomorrow including Jordan Jackson with his polaroid emulsion lifting teqhnique, mother and daughter Melissa and Gaia, Zoe Eaton and myself doing obliterarty pics. Should be fun and we also have a seaside photo opportunity courtesy of Sara Lincoln and to prove it the next to pics show myself and Zoe modelling this fab thing.

So I am off to prepare for tomorrow and also relax and get some drawing done.


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