Friday, 24 February 2017

Friday: Anima Mundi: New Drawing: Environtemtal Scuplture

Friday, busy interesting day.

Above is the only drawing I completed in last nights session and a little spin on my lines and grids but different and changed slightly. I am pleased yet again.

Above is the second drawing I started but didn't finish, although since then I might just have done that but more later.

Recently we have been trying to develop new workshops to do, if you read my blog or are a friend you know that my wife Zoe Eaton and I run Barnoon Workshop here in St Ives Cornwall. One of the recent courses we have come up with is Environmental Sculpture. It is something Zoe and I have always done when the opportunity strikes but today we needed some new photos for our event. So we opened up the workshop for Erin Lacy's Lino Printing For Beginners and then went off to Porthmeor Beach to play and here are some of the works I did.

So off around the beach we went gathering stuff and ideas as we went. I went off to collect limpet shells and other things, also sadly coming across a dead young dolphin that had been washed up, I guess it had met it's demise in yesterday's storm 'Doris'. Above is the first arrangement of limpets that I made, the sand was so trampled by people and dogs that I smoothed out a section with a piece of driftwood pallet and then set about placing the limpets into a pattern that I thought worked.

Above is the same arrangement from another angle, with the previous pic I like the way it balances and with this shot I like the way it has a long perspective.

Above and below is the same idea but with using the limpets upside down and I really love them this way up, the colours and the patterns inside, they are subtly beautiful objects in their own right.

On the beach there were quite a lot of cuttle fish bones and I had a small amount of time to arrange a few of them in the fissures of this rock. I would quite like to go back and collect a lot more and really max this idea out.

After the beach and then returning to the workshop I did three small drawings on finds from the beach and the used them for an art drop in The Castle Pub later.

Above is a quick snap shot of what was going on at the workshop, looks fun.

A little view of surfing in february.

We then left the Workshop and ended up having a couple of drinks in The Castle with Erin and plan some further courses. After a very pleasant couple of hours we then went off to Samuel Bassett's private view at Anima Mundi Gallery show and pretty impressive it was too. It was also nice to bump into quite a few friends, even had a quick chat with Sax Impey.

So I am now off to draw and relax. Cheers all!

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