Thursday, 2 February 2017

Finished book and more drawings and a ship in the bay.

So as usual I had time to draw last night, might not get so much done tonight because we are in the St Ives knockout quiz tonight.

Last night I managed to finish my altered sketchbook work 'Obliterarty' and above is the last drawing to be finished in that book and below is the front cover. I am toying with the idea of adding the title to the front of the book and then obliterating it. Time will tell.

Above after I had finished my book I had another go at an obliterarty of a person this time I seem to have made David Bowie look quite surreal.

Today has been another quite stressful day but I might have a couple of sales coming up, I hope so as the will help a lot at the moment.
So below are some more of Jordan's pics of my work.

Above is one that was on the way to being an obliterarty but more of a remix really. This is a section of a gift bag from The Painted Bird shop in Fore Street. I always try to experiment.

Above is another small postcard sized drawing I love the attempted symmetry as I don't like things to be too perfect and to have their own life.

Above is another of my attempted symmetry drawings that didn't manage perfection :)

Above is a very serious looking me from a photo session last year with Jordan Jackson practicing his portraits. I have another appointment soon.

To break the mood today we went out for a walk around town and found that because we are in very windy weather there is a ship sheltering in the bay and frankly I don't blame them. We did a little beachcombing and came back with some sea glass and sea pottery so I should be doing another little art drop soon.

Well I am getting ready to go out to quiz, I bet we will lose like we normally do but it will be fun.

Cheers and Peace and love to you all.

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