Monday, 14 March 2016

New dot drawing and a grid

Above is a new drawing that has taken me nearly a week, the concept of this on was to do one in this series was to use repeat a shape with different colours with larger dots and the fill up the rest with the smaller dots. It took a sitting to do the larger shapes with letraset pro markers and the rest came together slowly working on it for two or three hours a night. Half way through it seemed to be progressing slowly and I almost got a little frustrated but with further work it started to all come together and was just a matter of applying myself. So hear it is on its first public outing.

Above is an A3 grid drawing that I started whilst giving one of my abstract drawing classes which I do periodically at The Barnoon Workshop St Ives. I used marker pens and a metallic silver pen. Sometimes when I want a break from drawing dots I go to grids, some of them are quick flowing works but this one due to it being bigger that a normal sketchbook size took a few hours. It felt like quite an exploration at the time as I suppose most of my works feel to me when I embark on working out what process. Some are about following a few simple rules however this one reqired lots of colour and pen decisions. I am happy with it too.


  1. do you disappear in the process? to me your pieces seem to be a vital illustration of our place in the universe and our complex experience as such, dots.

    1. Yes I do get immersed in the process and thank you for your thoughts.