Friday, 2 December 2016

Zoe Eaton, Contemporary Abstract Painting and Contemporary Abstract Drawing.

Above is a drawing I thought I had finished last evening but now looking at it again, I think I need to do some more dots, we will see when I start tonight.

Today I arrived at just before 11am to open up our exhibition 'Back To Beauty' at Barnoon Workshop St Ives. Whilst manning the exhibition I managed quite a number of dots on this larger work below. I think I will continue with this work tomorrow whislt we are open between 11am to 4pm so if you want to pop in to see our exhibition and see some of my work in progress, please do.

Below are three of my wife Zoe Eaton's paintings that are in our pop-up show. I love the vivid lushness of them but these photo's don't quite do them justice flattening them slightly they are a very powerful show of optimism in these troubled times. Beautiful!

It was very nice to see Jordan Jackson today at our exhibition, a good chat and coffees.

We are now back home getting ready for tomorrow and then I will do a bit of drawing.

Cheers All!

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