Monday, 12 December 2016

A bit of a round up of my Contemporary Abstract Drawings.

 As it is getting near the end of the year my thoughts are coming around to what work I have done in the last year or so. It has been a troublesome year this year in many ways but I am very pleased with they way my work has gone this last year and the fact that I have had some sales too. This does not put me in the rich list but hoping for more sales in the future and some exciting opportunities in the future, fingers crossed.

Above is a series of stones and sea pottery that I do from time to time and leave around the area for people to find. I suppose it is a little advert but I tend to get a very nice reaction and messages from people who find them. If it makes people happy I am happy too.

Above is another pebble drawing but on a slightly larger scale. I am getting a bit of a reputation around this town that I will draw on almost anything  and I would be happy to be challenged on that and would take a commission as well.

Above is a drawing on mount board, I find the medium and quite a nice change from paper.

Above is a little drawing which actually took quite a few hours to do and a good few thousand dots it is too. I am not usually one to count them as there is no message normally in the number of dots used, I am about what it looks like and the process that got me there. Using and processes and rules it is always a fascination to see the finished work whether it be on paper, wood, stone, slate, sea pottery or whatever.

Above is one of my larger scale drawing which I did do a rough calculation of how many dots be case this photo was part of a press release for this drawing and the gallery it went too. Sadly the gallery that represent myself and my wife Zoe Eaton has since shut down. It was sad for the owners, the artists and the town but times are 'ard down 'ere in this slight mixed up world we are in at the moment.

After doing some larger scale drawing I also like to do something more minimal such as the drawing above and very happy I still am with this one.

Above is another drawing with  quite a lot of dots on it for not a large drawing but they were the pens chosen for the job and the rules set out at the beginning.

Above is one of my slate drawings, I have to take this medium with a bit of respect as it generally takes the ink a few days to dry and they are so easy to smudge.

Above is a drawing I did on a bit of rusted metal I found on the beach and when it was dry I thought I would put it up in public and it took 2 or 3 months before someone 'had it away'. I wonder where it is now.

For the drawing above I set out the rules and just got on with it, I had chosen the pens slightly at random and a good few hours later it was done. Recently I have become aware that I must draw for at least 30 hours a week, not bad as it is that most of it is done in down time.

 Above is a drawing that had a minimal concept although I thought it had until I had finished. It is quite simple but not that minimal.

Above is a drawing I did and you might be able to work out the process for yourself......!

The drawing above is only about 5cm square it has a regimented randomness.....

Sometimes when relaxing on the beach I find that I have been playing with the materials at hand and above is an example of that kind of activity is the Martin Creed song goes, 'thinking/not thinking, thinking/ not thinking'

Well these are the thoughts in my head whilst writing my blog today whilst listening to Marc Riley on BBC 6 Music, I must say that The Extricated band of Brix Smith and the Hanley brothers rhythm section sound pretty handy.

Well I am off to draw now, I have been working on a drawing for a couple of days testing a different pen out and the dots are rather fine but they will probably get larger in the next stage. I think I will stick to the rules set out already but I do reserve the right to change things if it will look better.


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