Sunday, 4 December 2016

Exhibition etc

Above and below are the drawings I did last evening, curious the similarities and differences.

Today I went up to Barnoon Workshop to man our Back To Beauty exhibition, the last proper day of our pop-up show. I opened and started drawing, after a while we had a few people in and it was nice to show off the workshop in it's pop-up gallery mode and our work. After that I did an art drop outside the workshop just in case anyone dares to come down the path between us and Tate St Ives which has now been shut for nearly a month and it is having quite an effect on footfall on our business and exhibition space.
However the few that have managed to find us have enjoyed the show, including two sales today. Smaller pieces but they are going to good homes.


Another part of my art drop slightly more visible than on the pathway. I hope people find them soon, they are somewhere near Barnoon Workshop.

In the gaps between visitors I was able to get on with some drawing. I must have managed about 3 hours work on it today, I know this project/drawing will still take sometime to complete but it has been good to see it growing so much whilst having our exhibition open. I might even be about half way through. Below is a close up of some of it.

I will be off to draw in a bit, just have a couple of things to do...


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