Wednesday, 14 December 2016

New drawings and other drawings

Above is a drawing over the last two pages of my 'whole sketchbook'  work, it has taken me the last four evening to complete. This photo doesn't quite show the impact it makes on the page but I think you get a bit of an idea of it and it is a good statement to go out on in this work that I started at the beginning of September.

Above is another drawing that I completed yesterday. It was a quick work on paper just to see how this paper reacts to the pen as I have made a new 'drawing book' out of the same paper, update soon on it as it hasn't even got a title yet.

Above is our mention for our Back To Beauty Exhibition in the local newspaper The Times and Echo, thanks to Toby Carver for coming up and taking some pics.

As I am preparing for a new year as I have said in some of my more recent blogs I am trying to come up with ideas of getting my work more well known but it is not easy to find the right galleries interested, who ever they are. A while back I did some postcards with my drawings on to send to a range of galleries so over the up coming festive period I am going to have to find time to do some more research of where to send these small postable works.

Above is a small drawing I did after experimenting with some water colour then after it dried drawing on it.

I have been playing with scale more than ever this year so above and below are some more of my small pieces.

Above is the gift that started of this idea of sending postcards to galleries as a gift and an introduction to my work. I will just leave you to look ......

I am off to draw now, cheers.

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