Wednesday, 7 December 2016

A case for Contemporary Abstract Drawing, I think that is what I do.

Today my blog is more of a visual one as 'we' have been busy with many things to do with the lantern parade and other aspects of the art world in this town. I have been having an inner debate about what I do in my art practice. As I have said in recent blogs that I am doing contemporary abstract drawing which involves me using small marks, I consider it to be drawing but I suppose it could also be printing with pens although I do wander off into ceramics and use similar pattern ideas to produce those. Sometimes I feel I am in a very small group of artists but that doesn't matter I am happy with what I do. So today I am showing off a range of work that I have done in this last year of 2016 apart from one drawing that I did some 8 years ago. I hope you enjoy some of them or all or it just gives you a small idea of what I do and hope to leave a small impression on those that look at my work. I know it is not for everyone.

So as usual when I finish my blog I am normally of to do a couple or so hours of drawing. It is more of a compulsion and part of my everyday routine, not quite an obsession but I leave others to decide that. I am just trying to get on with it all and wish I had enough sales or backing to do it full time. I do love doing small scale and larger scale drawings so all of the above are from 6cm square to A1.

On with my quest

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