Friday, 30 December 2016

New drawings and stuff.

Above is a new drawing I did last evening and one I really enjoyed doing it too.

Above is another new drawing, I like the relaxed effect it has its imperfections that bring it some sort of life. Well that's what I think at this moment, it might change but I doubt it. We will see in the future, I am sure I will get in with a critique before the first anniversary of this blog, which is now just under two months away.

When I started this blog last February it was for many reasons, of course in a small way it was to make my art a little more visible but I also thought it would be such a good bit of discipline writing about what I do with my days whilst following my art and it's production and what the ends are. So I think that I have certainly accomplished that. I am sure it has helped me order my thoughts and I have gained a comfort in sharing them for all to read.

Above is another drawing I finished in yesterday's session. I must admit to liking this one a lot but hey I do like to varying degrees most of the work I have produced. I am not saying that it is one of my best but I don't know what is I just kind of get attached to them as I do them and like finding works I have not looked at for quite a period and normally I get to feel that again and sometimes I even like them a lot more than at the time of conception.

Today has been a bit of a slow holiday kind of day although I have come down with what is turning out to be a stinking cold but that hasn't stopped me/us from enjoying the day. It is the last one we get to spend with my wife's daughter until the summer, so we went for an afternoon walk out to Clodgy an the way we saw a beautiful Barn owl in flight not long after I took this pic below. I was too much in awe such good views of it that trying to take a phone pic would have ruined the moment and not done justice to this stunning bird.

Above a view of the Island with Godrevy and The North Cliffs fading into the distance, The sea was so still and flat today with a very silver quality that you don't often get.

While we were out walking I did a little art drop of these two that I still had in my pockets from the other day.

Above looking west towards the setting sun, the colours seemed to be standing right out which sadly you don't quite get on this pic but what a beautiful sight anyway.

Well as nearly every other evening I am off to draw and see what appears on the paper or whatever else I can find to draw on.

Cheers all!

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