Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The drawing continues

Above is a larger scale drawing I am working on, it is a kind of a sharpie mania. It seems to transform as I continue with it so I have also taken a close-up.

Above is a wall that I keep adding to as an 'art drop'. I aim to keep adding to it over the next while as nobody walks down down this path at the moment since it was shut for the Tate extension. I wonder if people will find them and they are welcome to.

Above is a drawing I did last night, I think it is finished but I don't know at this point and will decide when I start drawing tonight.

This is quite a short blog today because we are now getting into 'lantern parade' times and our friend from Edinburgh has come to stay with us and help us by building another large puppet lantern. So welcome back to St Ives Morag.

Also in dispatches today we had a meeting at Porthminster Gallery which was interesting more to report later.


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