Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Small drawings and close ups.

Above is a selection of small drawings I did earlier this year, I found it an interesting exploration of what I do. They gave me an interesting quick view of some of the strands of my work but also made me think quickly rather than being in a drawing for more that one day. Some of them will surely get expanded as larger drawings in the future, we will see.

Below are a selection of close ups from some of my drawings, I really find it interesting to look at them this way from time to time, it shows at the same time how intricate some of the are and also how imperfect they are but I think that is what breathes life into them and even sometimes giving a reflection of the complexities of nature itself. This sounds like quite a bold 'artspeak' conclusion but the more and it kind of is but through many years of producing and exploring and finding what I do I feel I am kind of justified in making that kind of claim. I am always happy to discuss this with anyone.

We have had a good family day and met our friends Joel and Maggie for coffees a The Hub and had a little walk around our lovely town. It is nice to relax and appreciate it in the way that you sometimes don't when you are working. It has been so nice to have not worked for a few days and catch some really quality family time.

I am off to relax and maybe do a little drawing it is about time I showed you a new drawing, I have been working on one for a few brief moments over the holiday break so maybe tomorrow....

Cheers !

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