Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Some more from this yeears work in Contemporary Abstract Drawing.

Above and the next two below are an example of my bleeding narrative method allowing the  ink to bleed through and then accepting the image or adding to it.

Above and below  a further exploration of this method, these are done in sketchbooks but I treat the whole of the book as a work, I would even contemplate the sale of a whole book if the price was right, however I have no real idea of what that price would be so if you want to put in an offer, feel free.

Here is another another example of 'bleeding narrative' showing what each picture shares and doesn't.

A small bright drawing I did earlier this year, in fact all the work I am showing in this blog is from the last 12 months.

Above is a collection of the little bits of sea pottery that I leave around for people to find hoping it brightens their day.

Above is a much larger drawing that I did for mine and my wife, Zoe Eaton's exhibition 'Art Lovers' we did in August and September this summer. A1 size.

Above and below is another example of the 'bleeding narrative' works.

Above and below is one last example of the 'bleeding narrative' for you, as you might know by now they do fascinate me.

I am about to start my evening drawing session and continue to work on a drawing I have already done 3 evenings work on it. Normally I would share it as it grows but this time I thought I would wait until I finished it.

So I am off to draw as usual


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