Tuesday, 20 December 2016

New Drawing and stuff

Above is a drawing I did last night, I thought it was finished but now I am sure I have to do a bit more to it so that is just what I am going to do when I have finished this blog.

A festive drawing I did on my Monday morning drawing class.

Above is a camelia that has flower in our back garden, I noticed it yesterday and here is the evidence, I am sure that it has flowered earlier this year than last year.

A view across the bay and out to sea from Park Avenue.

Above is a drawing I did a few years ago that got in the local papers as part of an exhibition I did. It is ink and water colour ink on found plywood  as we say in 'art speak' It actually has a title too, which is quite unlike me. It is called 'Flag'.

Above is a much more minimal drawing with bled through sharpies and uni pin fine liner.

Above one of last years grid drawings, done or is that 'executed' with various common or garden marker pens.

Above dots and lines from earlier in the year, I do like to use a pen that is running out or the nib is in a state of falling apart.

Above and below are one of the examples of my  'bleeding narrative' drawings that were done on purpose, mind you I did realise quite quickly after an early drawing that this process would work out well.

I am off to finish that drawing soon, so thank you for reading.

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