Monday, 5 December 2016

I would welcome the chance to do a big show and Contemporary Abstract.

Above as nearly always is a drawing I did in last nights drawing session, I am nearly at the end of my most recent 'whole sketchbook'. I love my sketchbooks, I love doing my sketchbooks but I do consider them to be whole works and would be happy to sell some of them. There are one or two I have to keep but I have reasonable photos so I do not forget. I have also made a couple of one off 'hand made whole books and I will be starting another one soon. The first one is for keeps but the second one and the one I am about to make are for sale. I will share more details soon.

As is usual on a Monday morning I attended the drawing class at Barnoon Workshop, this week we had a different tutor, Tree Stewart and the theme was perspective. We did a few fun exercises and then gridded some perspective and this is then my final work of the morning, not bad for an abstract artist. Below is a picture of the class and some, but not all of our work hung up at the back. Tree made it a fun and informative workshop. I am happy to have re-engaged with drawing outside of my abstract tendencies.

I am still trying to find more places and shows for my work to get more out there, I am finding a bit harder than I thought it would be, much like in the old days when you sent of a demo and then never hear anything back but I remain undaunted for several reasons. I really believe in what I am doing and I think that I am breaking new personal ground with my work and also with the visual and conceptual aspects behind them too. I think it just actually finding the right few galleries that would find my work fits with what they do.

I continue to explore and find they way my work changes and weaves back in previous themes and explorations to go further still. If I could only or afford  this as a full time job I would really get even further in my quest for pattern. I do find it interesting when I am asked questions about my work and I do enjoy explaining what is behind my work. It is nice to express my thoughts and probably another good reason for doing this blog, it orders my thoughts with some clarity.

I must do a much wordier blog soon with a bit more of an depth manner soon.

I haven't quite the time for that this evening as I have some planning and plotting to do and of course more drawing.



  1. I fully understand why you love your sketchbooks - they are consummate statements of your artistry. I loved looking through them at the Preview.