Wednesday, 28 June 2017

New drawing, Wet Wednesday, St Ives and Hokusai.

Wet Wednesday:

Above is the drawing I started last night and it was another of those ideas I have from time to time that seems to be pure and simple to start with and indeed the original though is. It is the amount of work such simple ideas bring up. The idea behind this was just horizontal lines with circles (hollow dots) across the page and 0.1 fine liner. I was still watching a documentary on Hokusai whilst I embarked on this the 92nd work in my latest book project. So as Hokusai's patient techniques were revealed I felt like I had a sort of kindred spirit or work ethic behind this drawing and my drawings in general. I drew for probably nearly three hours last night but hadn't finished but in some gaps and coffee breaks I manage to complete it so I can bring it to the blog as a new work

We both went up to Barnoon Workshop this morning so Zoe could get on with some painting and I was available for an art tour as I do five days a week at the moment. I really didn't think it was going to happen as it was another miserable day and such a contrast to last Wednesday which must have been 30 degrees or so. I was delighted and surprised that I had two people willing to go out to draw buildings in the rain.
We set off from the workshop heading for Barnoon Terrace to see if it was clement enough to get on with drawing, we almost immediately bumped into a chat looking for Barnoon Workshop because his wife wanted to join the tour, she found us shortly and we endured 15 minutes drawing. They actually did better than me as the had umbrellas, I did not. The decision was made that we would head off and go to The St Ives Society Of Artist and draw the inside of a building. We were welcomed by April who made us feel very at home so we got on with drawing. After a short while April appeared with a tray with a coffee and tea option with biscuits, very sweet and gratefully received too.

Above is the group drawing in The Society and below is one of the drawings I did whilst in there. We all said our fair wells and I headed back up to the workshop to get on with our improvements. I also snuck in a little drawing.

I have been thinking a lot recently of ideas for exhibitions as we are planning some exhibitions at Barnoon in the coming year some of these will be curated open shows and also a group exhibition and maybe even a solo show each for my wife Zoe Eaton and myself. It has also made me think of ideas for other solo shows should I be fortunate enough in future to get some offers.
I would love to do a solo show where I would continue to work on one room of the show for the duration or maybe to get the general public to continue a large room sized drawing or alternatively work on a long scroll work. They are just a few of the many many ideas I have including the drawings and some concepts to go with them that would have some interactivity. I want to make the most contemporary drawing exhibition ever, that is what I am working towards. I have started writing notes on it but I am not sharing all of those at this stage as some of them are not for public consumption as yet so that should I get the chance there will be some surprises and some are not fully formed yet.

So with that all in mind I will be off to draw soon on number 93 and to have my own little thoughts of 'world domination' and my breakthrough show by the time I am 60. Hokusai said that when he was 60 he was reborn, so 'ad astra adhoc', to the stars occasionally which coincidentally is the motto of the band The Monochrome Set and will be the title of this whole sketchbook work that I continue with tonight, I started the book on 3rd May so I think I have done well in under two months. I have some larger individual drawings in my head that I need to get out soon too.

Peace to all.

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