Sunday, 11 June 2017

End of the week and....


Above is the drawing I did in last evenings drawing session, it must have taken around 3 hours. I might  have got more done but I read a load or articles on the political fall out from the Election.

The drawing below I fitted in around doing other things today but it was completed when we returned to Barnoon Workshop this afternoon.

Above is a pic across the bay from the steps down to the railway station one side of The Malakof, a bit moody but beautiful and inspiring.

Talking of things that inspire below is a pic of some lichen on the wall just outside the workshop. Lichen has always fascinated me and I have always taken pictures of it for years and years and I also think it comes out in some of my drawings

This evening we heard a radio 3 program by Michael Bird called Frost/Heron focusing on their friendship and their art. It was a really interesting 45 minutes of documentary radio and well worth a listen. I have certainly learned a few interesting new things about the two of them. It was good to hear voices of the artists and the odd family member. I think I might want to hear it again sometime over the next month while it is on iplayer.

I am off to draw!

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