Sunday, 4 June 2017

Nerw and old drawings.


Above is another new drawing that I managed to start and complete last night. Normally when I draw I am listening to BBC 6 Music, Radio 4 or watching television and I get to relax. I find drawing is a bit of a zen thing and takes me away from the stresses and strains of our world and its problems however in this session I was interrupted by the news coming in from London of another 'terrorist' attack. My heart sinks to its core at a world that this happens in. I really hope things can take a more harmonious and peaceful turn.

Today had a slow morning and then this afternoon I helped out a friend at his grocery shop. It has been a while since I was behind an unfamiliar till and serving customers and I really enjoyed it. It makes a change and just another thing an 'artist' in this town ends up doing. It really cheered me up acting the grocer.

Well I am off to draw and hopefully it will be a more chilled out experience tonight.

So I will leave you with some drawings I have done in the last year or so.


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