Thursday, 2 June 2016

All over the place day..... The Sloop Craft Market, Uys Gallery, Shanty Baba

Above and below are pics of Lauren Sabestian's new work place, congrats on getting one of the Sloop Craft Markets studios, she chose one of my sea pottery drawings for the new place.
Graham and Lauren look so happy to be in there. I visited them after collecting my cheque for my sold art work at The St Ives Society of artist.

Above is a pic of Melanie Uys in her gallery with one of my slate pieces and one of my wife's Zoe Eaton's painting behind her.

Above is one of Melanie's husbands bowls and I tell you, what Roelof Uys does with ceramics I think they are fab.

Above is one of my guitar student being put through his paces, he has been making strides forward recently.

Above and below are my new drawings that I completed last night.

I am very happy with them.

I am also very happy with this one.

More drawing to be done tonight and workshops to do at Barnoon tomorrow.

It has been such a 'mad' day today that at the end of play we went to The Castle for a couple of pints on the way home and bumped into Shanty Baba, St Ives's famous story teller. He does brilliant walks and fab show at the St Ives Arts Club.

Still feeling a bit tired now after two early pints so I will get in more art moded theories another day.


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