Friday, 22 July 2016

Brown with dots.

Above and below is a pair of drawings I did last night in my limited time because we were out and about, however I am very happy with the results, good old letraset pro-markers, I love them.

Today has been an admin day and also leaflet distribution around town for our Barnoon Workshop I also had to sign a pebble piece in the UYS Gallery I had delivered it but had forgotten to sign it.
I was hoping to pick up my newly framed pieces but by the time I got to my framers they had already shut so I will now have to pick them up on Monday as I have to go to Bristol to pick my son up for his summer holiday.

The other art happening of the day is my friend Jordan Jackson has been up to photo my 'art book' that is going to sent off the The Dalston Exchange coffee shop and also my last couple of large scale drawings....

Top photographer


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