Tuesday, 4 April 2017

New Drawings, Surrealism, Steve Groom, Life and Contemporary Abstract Drawing.


Above is a drawing I finished last night, it took some time to finished but worked as an antidote to the darkness of watching Broardchurch. I used Sharpies for this work. It seems to be another in the thread of stained glass-alike works that I seem to do quite regularly at the moment.

Above is a drawing I started last night and I believe it is unfinished and when I have finished this blog I will be getting on with the next stage. I do like it though.

Also in last nights drawing session I did these small drawings on found 'sea pottery', something I really like doing. Maybe they are not high art but I don't care and actually nothing I do is high art as some describe more formalised work. I like to take my drawings away from this and maybe that makes all my work hard to catagorise but I declare sometimes they are Contemporary Abstract. So be it.

Having said that I do the work for myself mainly but would always like to get my work to more people and get more reactions of any type.

My day today has been a bit of a non event of a day. I went up to Barnoon Workshop to do my art tour of St Ives but to be fair the weather was against anyone turning up to do a tour and draw, too windy, wild and cold.

After that I went back home to work on our website and to try and drum up more interest in our future art and crafts program for Easter and beyond.

Tonight we had a lovely paneer curry that my wife made, I did the rice. I wouldn't normally blog this but it was so gorgeous a reassuringly nice meal that would have been £15 a plate in a restaurant.

Since then I have been involved in some political debate on social media and am now righting this whilst watching Phillipa Perry's program 'How to be a surrealist' on BBC 4 and so far really quite enjoying it. I am still a member of The North Bucks Young Surrealist Society and proud of it, still have my badge. It was set up by friend and artist Steve Groom who back in the day had the nickname of The Beatnik whose first band was called Hooray, Man Ray, Ted Ray. I played in a few bands with Steve over the years before moving away from Milton Keynes including Bert, Bingo and Jimmy Volcano. I must catch up with him some day a mighty talented artist and a brilliant mind.

The first big art exhibition that really gave me an experience was the Dada and Surrealist show at The Heyward Gallery in London in the late 70's it opened my mind up to possibilities in art an of course I tried collage and oil painting on paper and did some sub Miro drawings the first art that really I was interested in the results and here I am some 40 years later living the life of a 'poor starving' artist.

Anyway I am off to draw, back tomorrow.

PS I got two replies today one from the Sharpies company which said they didn't really sponsor or hand out free pens and one from Winsor & Newton saying they would look into it.

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