Saturday, 22 April 2017

New drawings, a funeral and stuff.


Above is a drawing that I started the night before but hadn't finished and here it is finished. It was almost an automatic almost unconsidered reaction to the previous drawings in this book that I am working on and it is getting nearly to the end of the project.

Above is the drawing that also just flowed out and looking at it, it seems 'after Terry Frost but also seems to relate a lot to my work in this 'obliterarty' book that has now been quite a long time in the making.

Today has been quite an emotional day. We had a workshop that didn't run this morning but I did start to get the workshop ready for our portrait studio on Saturday.

I then had to get my suit out which is something I do not wear very often but I had a funeral to go to of our dear friend and fellow artist Colin T. Johnson. This was held at Longstone Cemetary Carbis Bay. It was a lovely ceremony full of feeling. At the end of proceedings I helped take the coffin to the grave side and we all said our goodbyes.

We then all transferred to Tregenna Castle for the wake. This part of seeing Colin off was quite an uplifting affair with a great mix of people. I spent quite a lot of time speaking to Nick and Audrey who were old customers of our arts cafe in St Ives and Audrey was one of our Stalwart poetry people at the Lit fest and The September Festival. It was lovely to see them again even at this sad event.

So many people talked to it all seems a bit of a blur.

This is a bit of a late blog but we have spent a very enjoyable evening at a friend and supporter of Barnoon chewing the fat on the modern world over a few drinkies and bread and cheese.

Another very mixed and unusual/usual varied day in this artistic town we live in......

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