Saturday, 22 April 2017

Drawing and work and gubbins.


Above is the drawing I had done the day before but was a little bit too after Sir Terry although the shapes are mine as well as his but I had to make it more me.

Above is another drawing that could now be finished but it might not be. As I get to these last few drawings in this Obliterarty book I seem to be more concerned about getting the general form sorted than actually completing the drawing. I think this is because I want the last few images to tighten and widen the themes of the book as a whole and so I move on.
I feel I only have a few more days work to do on this, we will see and to be honest I still have no idea what drawings I will get on with next, I have been taken over by this whole work, perhaps I will embark on a large dot drawing but it is wide open to see what I do next.

Today was spent up at our now even more embattled workshop as there are more works surrounding it, very frustrating indeed. I spent the drawing with my wife Zoe Eaton and Marie Keeling came and joined us to. Marie working on her portraits and Zoe painting. Zoe and I are contemplating the work we will put into the open at The St Ives Society of Artist, it all has to be ready for Wednesday and the works will be curated by Anthony Frost.

When we returned home we checked up on the thrusts and parries of the up and coming General Election, annoyed at the lack of impartiality on BBC news programs and finding out we are not the only ones.

I also spent some time finding some old cd's from the loft to extend what we have on our ipod having decided that just under 2,000 tunes is not enough and getting rather repetitive. I found my old Brian Eno box sets 'Vocal' and 'Instrumental' as well as quite a bit of Ninja Tune and Bukem vibe stuff as well as albums by Iggy Pop who has just turned 70, Dreadzone, Talking Heads, The Cure and many other gems and local favourites Daytoner. This should brighten up our ipod.

I am noe watching the TV and getting ready to draw. So I will leave you now and get on.


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