Friday, 13 May 2016

Drawing, walking, 'small' art drop and Peter Lanyon.

Above is part of a 'small' art drop I did today, the smallest of these is placed outside the Barbara Hepworth Museum. I have been dropping small pieces outside 'The Hepworth' for a while and I am always amazed how long these are not found, one in March was there for almost three weeks.

Above is a drawing I managed last night in one sitting, using a berol water colour pen ad a uni pin pen. I do love how it just appeared on the paper over a couple of hours or so.

Today didn't start too well for various reasons but it has got better, the weather has helped and getting out of town for a hour or so distributing posters and flyers has helped morale too.

Above is a shot of a plaque on a rock just on the seaward side of Rosewall Hill, not easy to make out in this image but it inscribed 'Peter Lanyon Artist and his dates. I know he is not buried here so I must research why it is here, I have been told it was one of his special inspiration places. He took to gliding in the years up to his death in a glider crash but I guess the view is like one of flying in the air and looking down. A magic place, especially on an early May day like this, hazy but very warm.

Gorgeous hazy views. This is part of why we live here despite the lack of big money, it does rebalance you and is a tonic for the soul.

I also popped into the UYS Gallery today to drop in some Barnoon Workshop flyers. Now I am thinking of what to have for dinner ad what else I will draw today.

Oh well keep on keeping on. Cheers

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