Thursday, 28 April 2016

Circles and dots and the thinking behind...

Above is the progress I have made on my latest slate drawing which the second sitting was done last night and more to do tonight.

Today has been a busy one catching up with folk, organizing meetings and generally trying to sort stuff out, whilst delivering 3 separate guitar lessons and sorting out the Workshops clay sessions.

I am really enjoying working with metallic gel pens at the moment, they work so well on stone. I know it is just another drawing phase that I am going through but I always believe it is good to work in series otherwise it would seem like a million one-offs.  

In my head at the moment I am preparing to start another whole sketchbook as one piece of work, I find this exciting and also scary as my ideas haven't really come together out of the ether yet but I am sure they will once I am faced with the stark reality of a blank sheet of paper. I do like playing the thought process game and certainly now that I am doing this so far daily blog I am trying to explain myself more clearly and I am finding that part of the process too because I do believe that visual art should have a bit of thinking behind it or otherwise it could be considered lazy or without direction. I am always happy to chat to anyone who asks me about what I do, why I do it etc etc. So if anyone wants to comment or question what I am doing I will be happy to respond.


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